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A sad story between Me and You .

Firstly , I send him a text that I sure HE will mad at me . Yeah , I'm truly right . The next day , HE seems so quite and HIS face .. looks kinda CREEPY . Actually , I don't mean it . I just want to forget all about him . It kinda depressed and boring , listened to my friend talked about HIM . I mean , the girl who LOVE him so deep . Geez ~ I never wanted the GUY that I like , my BESTFRIEND likes too .
 Over a week , I not talking to him . I'm coming late to school and when the recess time , I'm just hiding in my class .. alone . I don't know why , but I think run away from him is the BEST way for me from missing , thinking and stopped myself from stalking him . Then , suddenly when I'm checking my Facebook . I got a message from him . I feel guilty because I hurt his heart . I knew he will disappointed at me . But , I already gave up at him . Don't he know that I'm truly LOVE with him .? I'm sorry ... I hope you will forgive me soon . I did it be…