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Showing posts from June 15, 2012

The day , you just somebody that i used to know . :)

No wind blowing ,
 No you seeing ,
 Even you here ,
 I just let you go .

Right here on the middle ,
I see you there ,
Standing alone ,
I wish I can go nere .

My heart stop pouding ,
No more waiting ,
Deep in my heart ,
I still missing you .

Now I hate you ,
Stop loving you ,
I can't stop thinking you ,
Even it hurt .

I pass you by ,
I want to say why ,
I'm looking at you ,
Pretending to hate you .

You are here ,
I wonder why ,
I keep thinking ,
Now you're change .

Sleeping alone ,
With tears ,
How could you ,
Broken my heart .

Sometimes I smile ,
Sometimes I cried ,
All the sudden ,
Because of you .

I wish I never met you ,
I wish I never knew you ,
That's all I can say ,
Now , you just somebody that I used to know ..

Friday Jun .

No stars appear tonight . I'm not yet sleep . I'm feeling hot . I'm not in the right mood . Damn , I feel very lucky today . very LUCKY ! XP I wish I will never had a stupid day like this in my entire life . In class , I got a sleep for half an hour because I had nothing to do . My school works done already . And , while I'm talking with my besties . A freaking boy came towards me and act crazy .  He act like a gay and hug mr . bean . He told him to kiss me . Waitttttt ......... a minute . Oh , what the fuck . I'm just thinking to kill him . but , since I just making blur face and not looking at them at all . At the end , that sucker gave up . Poor him and also that mr bean . At the last period was B M . ( bahasa malaysia ) . A chinese boy sitting infront of me suddenly told the teacher .. that I am such an emo girl . Er . really ?  I think it was a mistake .I'm too tired . And I got many stuff to think . It's true . Then , a next class teacher called me …