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Oh , he's gone

I can't believe he will leaving this world forever ... .. Hrm . Don't understand right ? okey2 .. let me explain slowly ..
 I ever loved a boy when I was 12 years old .. His name is Andrew. :) The first time eye contact with him, my heart started pounding. He is also a new student in our school .. As he is from the next class , I always try to sneak closer look at him. I love his cheerful attitude, laughing , know how to make funny and others . Although I never knew him more closely ..but  only to see him smile and laugh .. I was also happy.   On this Wednesday ( 6 May 2012 ) , he died of drowning. I was just numb .. without the words. This heart feels empty. I can't cry. I just sympathize impending death. Maybe this is his destiny ... Even if I cry, I cannot turn his back .. I am very disappointed because until now, I still have not been able to express my feelings on him .. .. I will always miss you , dear friend .