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The greatest day ever .

I'm back !! How I really miss this blog so much ! Dear readers ... I wanna tell you something ... that makes me smile all day , last week .  .
   Last Wednesday ,  I keep thinking that I can forget about him after a day avoid from him. I really miss him but I must keep this way to stop this feeling towards him  .. but ...
  The next day, I had to sit behind him .. my heart began to beat fast ... After we were given exercise by the teacher, he sat facing me ... I was silent, stiff. Sometimes, I staring at him while he was talking with his friends . but difficult for me because he always glared at me .. I noticed he kept looking at me to and he also borrowed my pen ... I'm feel weird, I noticed he always copied my answer even my friend sit beside me was clever and also clever than me .. He also checked up my beg and eat my lunch .  An unexpected, suddenly he gently rubbed my head .. My heart feels like exploding . I suddenly bite my lip so , he did not realize the change of my f…