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Showing posts from April 11, 2012

Happy day , just go on !

Hehehe . No more sadness in my life now . I gotta be strong . I must show that life can go on even though things get harder ! Now , I had a lot of fun with my life now . Got a big smile on my face . Smile make a whole things get better , right ? haha . oh , forget about stupid past and also all the problem that I gotta face . hehe . Na - ah . Beside that , there something makes me smile and happy too . It because of HIM always by my side . Waahh !! I never thought that I will become his FRIEND ! because he just talk with someone that he thought a real friends . It take more than one month to talk and be his friend . Daaaa ~ I know my hard work to near him will be success ! yahuuu ! I also have a chance to message . Oh , I miss his text so muchh !! Thanks God ! You always heard my prayer and my wish . >,< Actually , there a lot that I want to write hear .. but never mind . (*o*)