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Damn , for sure I cried again .

From the title of this post , you all know that I feeling sad and disappointed with them ..  I just want the best for our group .. I do not want to squander all the opportunities that available .. I don't have any mood to play if it related to the auditions and competitions .. I just want to be serious .  Next year, I will stand the PMR . They just can't understand .. I am tired  to get support from my family .. especially my parents . How I want to enter the dance audition .. I also just like the other people .. who want to try something new. . who wish to prove  my own ability .. I know I am still new to the dance world , but I can't blame myself  for liking something that I like right ?. Haiz ~ Indeed, this is what I want for this .. . but we can't even enter the audition .. . :'(