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Showing posts from February 3, 2012

Friend .

Hahaha . It really weird right ? Most of my post are about someone problem . Yea ~ So , today .. Im gonna tell u'll bout my friend , Debbie . Im sure you'll know her . I had told about her at my older post . The philippines girl . hee ~ She's a little bit frust . She cried . I helped her solved problem because that what friends for rite ? I knew , everyone at HER class been bullied her since Im OUT from that class . Haha ! What I means is we're in different class now . I tried to makes her happy . Bought her to the other place where she can convince herself that she can change her behaviour
. I try to be strong by helping other people .  maybe that will makes me forgot bout my problems ... but .. im lost in my own life . Actually . . I can't helped myself . I can't handle my own problems .Hrm .

I miss u , friends .

It's been the whole worst week in my whole life . Huhh !! I really dissapoint with my boy-friend ( just a friend ) . Hrm . I donno what should I do now . I've already apologised to you . but it seem that you don't want to see my face anymore . . . Why you still mad with me ? eventhough it just a small mistake that I've done . . Please don't hate me now . I begging you . I wish I could hear you laughing and makes joke to me again . I can't stand this anymore . . I'll been dream about you this morning . .  In my dream , you still be my friend . . The dream make me feels that Im in heaven . . but then , that dream gone suddenly . And I back to my own world . You're everything to me . I never thought that I will found a guy liked you anymore . You so kind and making me feels safe when Im around you . I hope . . you will forgive me .