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Showing posts from December 30, 2011

alone begin now .

Tommorow will be the last time .. for me to remember all bout him . Forget bout his laugh , voice , smile ... Trying too forget bout how he stares at me ..and looking me in the eye . But for sure , I still liking him .. How I miss him so badly this whole month . I been waiting to see him at school .. next year . but it just a dream . A dream that never happen in my life . Maybe , I just wasting my time .. waiting for a guy that will never looks at me . hrm .  It feel so much pains inside . It been a week since I've lost my happiness .

the end of 2011 .

Waaa ~ Tommorow is a blast ! It's a big day !! heee ~ I can't wait for it ! I been waiting for this ! Im sure you all know what I mean . Happy new year ladies and gentlemen ! It's a little early for me to say it but .. tommorow night .. I at my cousin's house . celebrating New Year ! So , I will not updating my blog tommorow night . Hee~