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Showing posts from December 29, 2011

Im tired of waiting .

Next year .. will be 3 years I'll be waiting for you . Haha ! It very funny because ... I been loving you so much for a long time . Im weird . There's a lot of boys .. waiting for me to become their girlfriend .. Yeah . It true .I wonder does you ever likes me ? Does you ever care bout me ? Naahh ~ Only you know the answer . .. XP My heart feel bleeds ... there's no more love since my heart turns into stone . Now . I realise I am nobody to you . I'm tired .. waiting for you . I tried to be yours but I can't .. . . Im sorry I'm not perfect . ..

Blog .

Waaa ~ I feel very tired . ! It hard to make my blog looks better and perfect . Haiyaaa ~ At last , my blog looks very2 simple . haha . No need many decorations at my blog . It looks stupid .I don't want my blog just like the others girl blog . I want different than anyone . I don't want it look to messy and too much cartoon picxa . It really doesn't suit with my age . If you below 12 .. I guess you can . haha ! Don't put pink colour too much at your blog . It looks too childish . Just remember your age . hahaaa ~ Im just kidding . Don't mind me if you thought Im busy body . haha ~ just relax . XDD