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Showing posts from December 28, 2011

New life .

I promise I'll change my attitude next year ... I wanna show to my parents that I can do better at exam than last year . . I also will try to forget about him . .. I will find a better person in my life .. hrm . It not easy to forget the one that we really love right ? :) fake smile .

Dear God ,
 There's too much problems I'll been this year .. Just give me a break .. Im tired .. I almost want to kill myself . . because of the problems .. Hopefully next year .. I will be lucky . Heee ~ Merry chrstms and happy birthday to you , God . May you always bless me . Hehee ~


This is suck ! My heart fell turn into pieces .I cried ! Crying for a stupid boy . . I donno why . But it feels really hurt . hrm . He's has someone now .. argghh ! Im too late right ? I suppose to tell him about my feelings toward him . but ... Im too scared . And now ... he belong to someone else . someone that I don't know . someone that I don't really want to know . I donno what to do .. I just can crying ... alone .. by myself ... without everyone knowing .. . I just realise .. not everyone that we love will be ours .. right ? there's nothing I can do . I love him so much ....  When I saw you for the the first time , my heart beats fast ..I wish I could explain everthing to you .. but it just you love some other girl .. I just can't stop loving you .