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Showing posts from December 11, 2011

New comic .

What a boring day . I got nothing to do . Waa ~ Recently I have made comic graphics. I am new to the beginning .. I hope I can make up untill the end of the story. I use to make up half of the story. This time, I made with passion so that everyone loved the story. XD  I am very grateful to my sister because she always give full support to me. I'll make sure  I sketch it  perfectly. The title for my comic graphics is .. "I belong to you forever."  . XDDD love story ~

While we're at miri , my brother and sister buying some comics ~ whoaaa . This comic cost RM 30 . haha ! . This is Lawak Kampus dictionary !! The best comics ever !!! >,< Buy some if you donno bout it . Hee ~ We also have buy others Lawak Kampus comics book . ^^ Glad to read it .