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Showing posts from December 8, 2011

L.O.V.E .

It's different this time . Couple anime character . hehehex . hope u'll like it ! A very simple drawing . I draw it with all my heart . ^^
hehee ,. I guess that boy head is too big ,. haiyoo
I'm yours ! This couple rock ! hahax
Edited by me , Lu Ing and also Lee Hong . Looks like a chinese couple character . haha !
My favourite one . So cute !! hahaa . ^^
 This original picture looks too simpe . So , Lee Hong change a little bit .
First time I draw under age couple .. hee~
That's girl quite small rite ? hahaa .
Let me show you my anime gurl pixca . hahaha ! It's doesn't that pretty . huhu .like always ... Korean style . XDD . Don't copy mine k ? hehe .
You know G.NA ?? A korean singer . hehe . Specially for fans
Most of my friend like this picture  because it rugged .
This is my first drawing for this year . It quite ugly .. but I don't want to change it . XD
A very beautiful young lady .. hehe ^^ Simple dress for her .
I guess this girl looks in the Glee . hehe . rite ?

Thats all for today . haha ! I will upload some of  romantic section for those who has boyfriend or girlfriend . Be patient k ? hahaX !

For you . XD

Let me show you all my drawing .. originaly from Belle~haha . I hope you all like this picture.. urghh ! I can't draw its hand .. It's really looks really terrible .. huhuhu ..but hope you all enjoy it .. XDD . korean style . HAHA !
Emo hair ..  I love this hair .. Opss . sorry yarh . It exactly not  Bieber's hair ..

I write in chinese very well right ?  My favourite picture .I love his pose .Stupid hands !
And again .. it come out with a small hands too . I love his style .
I draw him as a singer .. He looks cool right ? Simple style .

I know their looks stupid and ugly .. I should practise a lot .. I must improve my drawing . Wish me gud luck ! I will show to you all .. my other drawing .. Better wait for me to upload the picture .. Its GIRL turn !