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lonely .

Nahh~ Im very-very lonely . Sometimes , I think .. What's the point for me to live ? Why I always lonely ? Doesn't anyone care about me anymore ? I know Im not a kid anymore . Im 13 years old . But I deserve attention from anyone right ?? At school also . I sitting all alone without talking with anybody . I only needed when my firneds got problem . :((( . That's why I always crying all alone without everyine knew it . I just only can draw .. and draw ... I sing and I dance when Im alone . But not only me in this world whom lonely . Everyone ever feel lonely . Nothing left to write . Just smile . A fake smile . :) No one will realise that . hehe !

beast . korean fever .

Hey buddy ! Today , I wanna tell you all about korean songs . You'll really know well about them . Korean song very popular this day . ^^ You don't know ? Naah ~ Let me tell you some of my favourite korean group .(boy ) Beast , Big bang , B14a , ss501 , Cn.Blue , Ft.Island , 2am , 2pm , Infinite , JYJ , Shinee , Block B , Super Junior , Boyfriend , Mblag and others . HAHA XDD
I Love Beast the most !! They're so cute !!! haha ! I don't care what others people think . Heee~ I download almost all their song . This is list for their song . 
  Beast/B2st 1.Should I hug or not                   2.Though I call you                      3.On rainy days                         4.Because of you                       4.Baby Baby Qute                      5.Freeze                                       6.Lightless                                  7.Loving you                            8.The fact                                 9.Virus                                 10.Im sorry�����������������…

I love you .

I love you .. And I really want you to know it . Hrmm . But I just can't said it to you .. My parents don't let me to have early relationship with someone .. It hard to admit it .. but when I see your face . I look into your eyes . My eyes skip beats more faster . It mean LOVE right ? huaaaa !! It been 2 years I liking you . I don't want to lose you anymore . This whole 5 month .. I realise I hadn't speak with you anymore . You hate me ? Yeah . Im stupid . I don't deserve to be your friend . but I can't forget you . I hope you realise it . And .. love ? I dont need a reason right ? With love has .. I'll be forever yours . XDD

blogger .

When I looking up at others people blog . I should say they blog are the Best !! How they make their blog prettier ?? I know some people use Photoshop or Adobe right ??that's make their blog more creative oww . but I don't know how to use it . I don't have that . Haiyaa . Im so jeolous with them . Can someone help me with this blog ?  The song is a sad song but the blog looks childish right ?? huhuhuhuhu~ I don't have any idea anymore . I just want to write something in this blog . HAHA ! Im not kind of person who rather find something new to update their blog . Im lazy girl ~ kih3 My blog too small . And I feel want to sleep to read my stories eventhough I write it .

use malay language .

HAHA . well .. this is the first time I using malay ..Apu .. Wait for a minute . Why I'm still writing in English ?! Hola .. nama saia Cornelia Ity ( christian name ) .. HAHA ! Skolah kat Smk Bandar , Bintulu . tau Bintulu tak ? kat Sarawak lhee ... Erm . Saia single lgk .. Bukan bermaksud saia Tak Laku .. p pelajaran lebih penting kan ? hahaha ! Saia anak bongsu dari 3 adek beradik .. sebernanya saia da sorang adek yg bernama John Saging .. tapi mummy saia gugur masa mengandungkan dya .. Kalau dya masih hidup . mungkin umur dya 11 tahun . . Saia di kelas !D .. hahaa ! kelas tengah ewh .. Hobi saia mnri , mnyanyi , makan dan tido . hehee . rsanye byk gik ..  saia ckew sbut 'artist' tuk mnggntikan prkataan 'saia' . jdi biasakn dri anda bila saia sbut artist . hehhe
 Semoga Tuhan memberkati keluarga kami untuk selamanya .. ~ Amin

It bout her .

Let me tell you about my friend . Her name is Debbie Isabella .. hehe . She's same class with me .. or should I say .. 'classmate' ..Debb bad behaviour made many people doesn't want to be friends with her .Some of my friends seem hate her very much ..Sometimes I feel sad to see her treated like that .. She just want to be friends with them  .. She is just ordinary people who want to have friends like everyone else . In class, just me who want to be friends with her .. For me, all who I know is my friend ... But for others, I only pretend to be friends with hee.. Actually , I'm very sincerely making friend with her .. but sometimes her attitude is very disturbing and makes me hate her .. She shouldn't being too much if she want to be friends with others ... but his attitude who like to read comics made ​​me more closer to her . About every night .. she would call me and ask about Mr. J .. She really like that guy  .. She will also tell her story in the past .. W…

journey to sarikei .

hurm .. Last two months .. I went to bintangor .. near to Sarikei .. I was with my family , we  stay at my cousin house. Maria Goretti is my cousin .. she's very rugged and stylo person ! She's has her own style and I very like it . It been 4 o'clock in the evening... We all take a bath.. ( not in the same time ) I'm became a salon girl  ..HAHA ! Im curling my big sister's and Etiey (Maria).. hish ~ it's hard ... I was a kind of person who hate curling  hair . that's why I curling other people hair .hohohoh .. and then we'll went to Sarikei .. fuyoohh! The dinnerplace cool eventhough it looks small ! hohooo! I  I look at my far cousin . Bidayuh . I guess they're from my mum village.. 'Kampung Mundai , Kuching.. hehehe
Wow ! I also saw some guy thats really cute and chubby .. hohoho! his eyes .. ish2 so cute . ! .. hehehehe ..I make a eye contact with him XDDD . It's okey right ? I don't know him .. he's don't know me either ... . …

Different is suit with me .

Hee ~ Let me share you something new . About me . Sometimes , I feel that Im a little bit different from other people  . Im weirdo . HAHA ! When I have problem .. I rather to be alone and thinking about the solution of my problem . Yeah . When Im crying .. I rather cried alone without everyone realiase . When Im sick .. I rather shut my mouth . When Im boring .. I would like to sing and dance alone . When Im mad .. I must heard screamo song to release my anger . That kinda makes sense right? Hrm . Thats me . XDDDDDDD

New to the beginning .

Hola . Shalom . I'm new around here .. so I do not know really is about 'blog '. . but I seem a lot about my friend's blog .. it kinda a very interesting to read about their own life . . I guess .. I should write something here .. I have many problems that should be solve .. hrmpp .. I think I just need to smile and feel that I doesn't have any problem in my life. . XD